Crap Games Competition 2018 Rules

All submissions will hereby conform to the following rules. To challenge these rules, please contact c/o Mrs Yates, Ocean Software, Manchester.

I. All submissions will run on either a Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum or compatible clones thereof;

II. In the event that a submission is not playable, it must have a point; I am aware that everything nowadays has to be an 'app' on modern devices such as the Atari Jaguar or Sony PlayStation, well I think that utilities, tools and other computer softwares should be encouraged, so more serious software will be allowed too;

III. Submissions will be emailed to in zipped format containing a workable image to run on suitable emulators. If you would like to submit your entry on real cassette then please contact me first, and include a self, stamped addressed envelope to receive your cassette back. Any entry submitted as a type-in will also be acceptable, as the Sinclair 'one-touch' entry makes BASIC programming more simpler.

IV. As we all like to have a Christmas break, all entries will be submitted by 24th December 2018 at 23:59:48 GMT. Like all previous Comp.Sys.Sinclair Crap Games Competitions (and those that were C.S.S in name only) there will never be any extension to this deadline under any circumstances, and those who request a deadline extension will be charged with treason The deadline is now extended to 10th January 2019 at 23:52 UK time A further deadline extension is now in force, the final final deadline is now 28th January 2019 at 19:48 UK time;

V. All submissions will might be rigorously reviewed. Those worthy will achieve a 'Yawn Sinclair Mega Game' award;

VI. There will be two winners, one that is judged to be the actual winner, and another that is randomly selected by a Sinclair BASIC program that I wrote which uses the powerful RND command. Both winners will receive a bag of Transform-A-Snack for their efforts (this means that someone could win twice);

VII. The loser will be the person who submits an entry that is actually playable, the sort of game that you would consider loading twice because the first time provided something close to fun. This person will receive a pack of Chewits;

VIII. Small print leads to large risk;

IX. Please do not take anything too seriously. This is supposed to be fun, yeah? And,

X. All submissions will be distributed electronically via the Internet for free. If there is enough interest then a real cassette version as a compilation will be published some time in 2019. All entrants wanting their work to be published on cassette will receive a single Polo mint as payment for each copy sold. Any game which may land me or anyone else associated with this competition with legal difficulties will be disqualified from the outset.