Crap Games Competition 2018 News

First. For. News.

Drum roll please!

Well, we have a a couple of big announcements... our winner is the fantastic Thermal Ski entered by UNSATISFACTORY SOFTWARE. What a hit that was. And as for the loser, well that was the rather drab GO RACE! entered by Simon Pitter.

The winner's and loser's prizes will be organised shortly. Thanks to our kind sponsors Retro Games Ltd, the loser will receive a C64Mini! Ohh! How lovely, eh?

There's two more to announce, and that's the winner of the Sinclair RND BASIC proggy that I've made, as well as the CGC Peasants Award (both Thermal Ski and GO RACE! will be excluded from the Peasants award, along with the eventual winner of the one that wins the random BASIC award thingy, sorry little people).

If you missed either then go to our entries page! And yes... someone will update the results page shortly. Honest.

"It's more like a stumble in the dark."

Ian Nicholson sent in his fantastic tribute to the venerable 1970s sci-fi television series Space: 1999 for the mighty 16K ZX81.

Although Ian got the date of the final final deadline, he didn't get the time right, submitting it at one minute to midnight UK Time. But after agreement with other entrants, we've allowed it. It's now available in our entries page for your enjoyment.

Prats win prizes!

Thanks to our fantastic friends over at Monument Microgames and because of democracy and stuff, we've decided to allow the peasants a say with a people's vote, as that seems to be all the rage these days.

So we're pleased to announce our CGC Peasant's Award which will happen in some form to be determined. Keep an eye on our Twitter @CSSCGC2018 for more details!


As the competition closes, we've had one more exciting entry by @P_Malin called Dog Walk, which requires a whole 48K of RAM to work!

Fun fact, @P_Malin is a senior technical director at Activision, and who is based in the UK. We've asked if this means that the world-famous software house will be supporting the Speccy again, to which there was no response. Importantly, we didn't get a "no" anyway, so make of that what you will!

Lose and win mini!

Thanks to our kind sponsors at Retro Games Ltd, the loser of this years competition under our rules will win big... I mean, mini - in the form of a C64Mini games system. Other prizes will be announced shortly. Oh, and remember that the new extended extended deadline - that's Monday 28th January 2019 at 19:48 UK time. Send in your final submissions to - the clock is ticking!

Speccy Learning

Volker Bartheld has another entry in the form of an exciting Animal guessing text based extravaganza called Pangolin, but this one is where you think of the animal and your ZX has to guess it.

Volker says that it has AI that is capable of learning up to 100 animals through it's question and answer processes, so although it will load on a humble 16K machine, it may require 48K or more to really show this application's true potential.

Guess the Number - in full colour!

There's another fake entry from Donkeysoft (i.e., me) for the 48K Speccy. It's a port of Number Guesser, my example listing for the unexpanded ZX81. Go get it from the entries page!

Deadline extended... again

Again, due to almost non-existent demand, the competition deadline has been extended. Final entries must reach us by 28th January 2019 at 19:48 UK time. Email them in now to

Fancy a chat?

The number of ZX81 has yet again increased thanks to Ed Gerken who developed Computalk for his Timex TS1000 'back in the 1980s' and has sent it in, thankfully including the type-in listing for those who like the pleasure of Sinclair's "One-Touch" BASIC entry. This requires 16K of RAM or more. Yikes!

Chase the Ace

Not a real entry but I made a simple game for the unexpanded ZX81 called Chase the Ace, so I thought I'd add it to the Entries page for you guys. Once you capture the Ace (marked with in inversed A) with your chaser (the C) you win! To replay, use GOTO 1 and press NEW LINE.

Happy New Year MMXIX

From everyone at the CGC shed, we would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2019. Make your New Years resolution to enter a Crap game before our extended deadline expires.

Deadline extended

Due to unpopular demand, the deadline for entries has been extended until 10th January 2019 at 23:52 UK time. You still have time to get in your big production.

Join the Core

Super Commodore C64 programmer Jason "TMR" Kelk has entered a shoot-em up called Stercore. No, not a C64 game, which would be utterly crap by default, but for the loverly 48K Speccy! Go get it from our Entries page, you lucky Spec-chums.


Alexandre Colella has entered the rather exciting Football Striker Simulator in the form on One Kick. This pacey game is a true test of skill and determination with the goal being just that; to score! Its got to be more interesting than watching Winsford United on a cold Saturday in December anyway.

TODO: Add in ZX81 entry

J.D. Smith has entered a superb utility which will help unorganised people such as myself to sort out their lives. And it's our first ZX81 entry. It's called TODOS. Yikes!

Planet Survival

RetroSteveUK has sent in a rather spiffy interactive space survival simulator which sees you crash land on a distant world. Go get it from our Entries section right now.

Email issues at the CGC Shed

We've had some email issues here so please send your entries and correspondence to - remove the initials of your favourite personal computer from the email address when you contact us.

Don't Panic!

We're still awaiting our first ZX81 entry here at the CGC shed, but nonetheless we're delighted to announce Panic City, submitted by A.tomy Prez. It's also our first 128K entry. What joy! You know what to do.

What to do when the Zombie Apocalypse does happen

So what would you do when the Zombie Apocalypse does happen? Sort out the recycling? Water the plants? Go to the Winchester? Or mow the lawn?

Advanced Lawnmower Simulator Vs Zombies (AKA ALS V Zombies) deals with the latter situation with this excellent clone of Gardensoft's classic. Go get it now from our entries page.

Do you wanna be elected?

Holding high political office is the childhood dream of almost no normal person as most of us wanted to be something useful in life when we were a lad (or lass - ed). But if you want some pointers on how to political success, you could do worse than download Elector AKA Advanced Election Simulator, which is an anonymous entry broadly based on Turkey's flagship democracy. Enjoy!

LOAD Snake

We have another fine entry for your game-hungry mittens, submitted by Speccy addict djnzx48. This is a take on the classic Snake, cleverly called LD Snake which conforms to our 100% Machine Code Challenge. Good work djnzx48. We salute you!

Where's the catch?

Paul Collins has a brillo entry for you lot! Catch My Balls (oo-err missus!) is a fiendishly addictive and extremely tense ball catcher simulator written in one whole line of BASIC. As Paul himself says of this 8-bit marvel "It has sound, colour, on-screen score and instructions, and an increasing difficulty level" - what more could you want for your game-hungry mittens?

Russian Roulette

DarĂ­o Ruellan has sent in a rather spiffy little 16K game which which is a Russian Roulette simulator for one or two players, featuring great visuals and totally ace playability. You know the drill (No - ed), go download it from our Entries page.

Don't forget yer Thermals

Unsatisfactory Soft has released Thermal Ski, for the 16K Speccy, which requires an Interface 1 and the elegant toilet-roll-inspired ZX Printer or compatible. Think of it as a Horace Goes Skiing clone, without the bit where you cross the road. Or the beautiful graphics. Or excellent title music. Go get it from our entries page.

Venturing on an Inka trail

Volker Bartheld has another exciting release for you, setting off to search South America for a priceless gold Ring once held in great reverence by the ancient Inka culture. Ring of the Inka is ready to download, though you'll need an emulator capable to running micro drive images.

Scarper to Space

Kweepa is back with another top entry for any Spectrum which is one of those Gravatar type games called Space Scarper 2. Go download it now.

A Spectrum of Colour

Well we have our first BASIC One-Liner entered. Yikes! This has been sent in from thEpOpE (not, I assume, Pope Francis using a pseudonym, though I'm sure that he's a Speccy man), Colours is a challenging arcade-action-puzzle game with great use of the Spectrum's versatile pallete. Great.

Pacey Racer

Simon Pitter has entered an LCD simulator in the form of the super spiffy GO RACE, which plays like one of those pocket games from the 1980s. Go get it from our entries section. Note: This game is 100% machine code as well, so it would seem!

1K Prognosticator

Inspired by Kweepa excellent Clive's Realtime Advanced Prognosticator, I decided to make a 1K Prognosticator Simulator for the ZX81 as a belated 37th birthday present to the monochrome beast.

Prognosticator in real-time!

Kweepa has his second (actually third - Ed) entry into our little Crap Game Compo in the form of Clive's Realtime Advanced Prognosticator, which is another 16K compatible release. Happy Days!

A test news story

News Item to test the Db stuff. Remember to remove it.

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties!

PROSM Software is back with a remake of a Windows 3.1 game which is an interactive fiction type with a rather steamy plot line (oo-er missus) called Plumbers Don't wear ties.

Fortress released

Fortress (originally developed by ZX User Club Germany) has been recycled and re-factored thanks to Volker Bartheld.

This is a strategy board game-alike simulator for one or two players, which will work 16K ZX Speccy. Go get it.

Number Guesser

As an example of what you can do in just 12 lines of the powerful ZX81 BASIC, I made Number Guesser to give all those Zeddy fans some inspiration.

If you like type-ins, see the Comp.Sys.Sinclair thread, or it is available in .P format (for emulators and ZXPand users) from here, which includes a ZX80 port that is actually 13 lines of BASIC, so wouldn't qualify for the challenge (without a small amend to it anyway).

Winter Neurobics Pentathalon update

Kweepa has updated his entry as it had something called a 'bug' which required 'fixing'.

There doesn't seem to be anything in the rules against this so a new version will be available on the 'Entries' page shortly.

First Entry from Kweepa

Kweepa has submitted Winter Neurobics Pentathalon for the ZX Spectrum.

This game neatly ties in with the 2018 Winter Olympics, and is intended for machines with 48K of RAM or more, though 16K users are still supported with a text-only version. See our entries page to get this download.

Carp Games Competition 2018 opens

The guy who once wrote a small and insignificant amount of content for the Your Sinclair tribute issue that was free with Retro Gamer[1] magazine has launched THIS CRAP GAMES COMPETITION. Want to make some software for your favourite Sinclair 8 bit (or compatible clone)? DO YOUR WORST!!!!!1one

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