Crap Games Competition 2018 Challenges

Earn a crisp by entering one or more of our challenges

I. One-Liner

This is ZX Spectrum and compatible machines, as you are required to create your game (or other softwares) in only one line of BASIC only.

Fortunately, the Speccy has a super-powerful interpreter that allows for so many possibilities in such small space.

II. Twelve-Liner

Not to leave out the ZX80 or ZX81, I guess the equivalent would be to make a software in 12 lines of BASIC for these mighty micros.

If you require some hints, as long as you don't RUN your symbolic listings to execute it (i.e., use GOTO SGN PI instead) then you will not lose the VAR stack. In other words, your variables will be preserved when using SAVE.

This is a 'Twelve-Liner' to allow for something like this at the end of your listing (though not possible on the ZX80 without a new ROM):

9998 SAVE "CRAP"


III. Advanced TV Tie-In Simulator

We all remember those great TV Tie-ins from the 1980s; East Enders, by Macsen Software, and two timeless classics from TyneSoft Auf Wiedersehen Pet and Super Gran to name but three. I bet you always wanted to make something as good as these epic games, eh? Well now is your chance.

Okay, so we don't expect you to go and obtain the rights to make a TV Tie-in; this'll have to be 100% Unofficial. You may therefore have to change the name of your game to something that sounds like your inspiration for it; like, err.. Emma Dale's Farm or something. You get the idea. Send 'em in!

IV. 100% Machine Code

Remember when all the best games proudly proclaimed 100% Machine code on the cassette inlay? Well, now is your chance to make something in pure assembly by entering our little challenge. BASIC programmers need not apply.